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2023 Back to School Programs Announced!

We are happy to announce that MDASD invites everyone Back to School to take advantage of our Fall 2023 semester courses and programs!

As summer draws to a close, The MDASD‘s expanded and newly renovated space is opening its doors to all future musicians, artists, dancers and actors!!

Classes will start after Labor Day, and all courses will be 25% off until 8/31/23 for newly enrolled students.

🔹 Highly qualified instructors.

🔸 Choice of individual or group settings.

🔹 Small groups to ensure safety and quality.

🔸 Individually tailored approach to each student’s curriculum, ensuring their progress.

🔹 Choice of weekdays and/or weekends, mix & match from a variety of courses.

🔸 Over 25 years of experience as one of the longest established schools in the area!

Courses Include:

🎨 Art

💃 Dance

🎭 Musical Theater

🎸 Music (instrumental or vocal instruction)

☎️ For more info on schedule and fees call/text (718)551-5041

*Offer valid until 8/31/23 and is for new students only*


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