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Fun with Guitar

The Music, Dance, & Art School of Douglaston offers a wide range of courses for all ages and levels. We are very proud to have an extremely talented and dedicated faculty. All our instructors are highly trained in their area of expertise and their versatility ensures the students’ progress and at the same time allows them to enjoy the experience in a non-competitive, relaxed atmosphere. We are committed to providing the highest quality music education benefiting all students regardless of their level of capacity and aspirations. 

We offer Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced skill groups, each with 4 levels. Each student is evaluated on an individual basis in order to place them at the appropriate starting level. After completing the final level (Advanced Level IV) motivated students will be able to start pursuing a professional career in music by entering the Advanced Professional Program (college requirements).

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Private instruction based on classical repertoire while allowing students to explore other genre such as pop, jazz, folk, with focus on technique of mastering the instrument. 


(Violin, Viola)

Individual instruction for ages 4 and up utilizing step-by-step method in the best traditions of Russian and European Violin Schools. 

Violin Class

(Recorder, Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Saxophone, Trumpet & Trombone)

Individual classes with focus on breath, embouchure, articulation.


(Acoustic, Electric & Bass)

Our guitar program offers many exciting options for ages 5- up. Students of all levels can try and choose their favorite style: classical, rock, jazz, world music, folk. Classes are taught in private setting. 


(Pop, Jazz, Broadway)

Students can choose from wide variety of styles while learning correct breathing techniques, work on projecting the sound, expression and creating a character.

Group Theory

Along with private instruction, students receive theory training (notation, rhythm, intervals, chords and sight-reading) during the group sessions.

Music Class
Band & Orchestra

These classes are held for violin, viola, guitar and woodwind students. The course gives children an opportunity to collaborate with others while playing in ensemble and helps them to be prepared for participation in middle/high school bands and orchestras.

Introduction To Music

Children learn the basics of music in a game-type session. The program enhances the child's musicality, sense of rhythm and musical memory, includes ear and rhythmic training, and introduces the child to keyboard/piano and other instruments. By employing the best of Suzuki and traditional methods of teaching the young beginners, this course prepares children for private instruction. Children get acquainted with the best selections of the classical music repertoire as well as learn their favorite songs. During these lessons children have fun, learn by observation, get encouraged and motivated.

Age 3 - 5

Children learn about shapes, colors by working on various specifically designed projects (crayon, pencil pastel, watercolor, tempera, clay ). This is an age- appropriate program that develops hand-eye coordination, brings out creativity in very young children and allows them to have fun while learning.

Age 5 & Up

Pencil, charcoal, pastel drawing, sketching, animation, watercolor and acrylic painting, sculpting, clay modeling. Students learn the drawing and painting techniques, the concepts of perspective, three-dimensional object image and composition. Students of all levels have their works displayed at the MDASD Art Exhibitions, which encourages them and helps to achieve more in their exploration of the wonderful world of Art. 

Kids in Art Class
Creative Movement

Children have great time while learning concepts of line, posture, stretch, basic elements of ballet, warm-ups, traveling steps


Comprehensive Classical Ballet program teaches the traditional technique of Ballet (5 Basic positions, barre, center exercises), enhances coordination , balance and  body control, promotes self-discipline and positive self-image.


A class that introduces students to the body's relationship to breath, weight and space through simple steps and movement phrases.  


The Jazz technique training includes foot, isolation, stretching and strength exercises, it promotes coordination, strength and elasticity. Step sequences combined with elements such as twists and jumps form a complete choreography. Jazz Dance is very well suited for strengthening the body and developing the sense of rhythm and body control, it is a great class to improve the children’s body posture.

Tap Dance Class

Tap Dance cultivates the ease of self-awareness with the full-body kinesthesis. It’s a great dance style  that helps to improve students natural sense of rhythm, coordination and focus while having a fun time. 

Drama / Musicals

Children learn acting and singing through improv and staging musical productions and plays in a relaxed, enjoyable and non-competitive atmosphere. 

Our exciting program helps children to build self-esteem, unleashes their imagination and creativity, teaches self-siscipline and cooperation.  

All our classes are now available online.

To learn more about how we are dealing with covid Click Here.


Online classes conducted via Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime. 

To view actual example of our online classes please click here

Online Music Lesson
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