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2023 Spring To Art Workshop Announced!

We are very excited to announce our upcoming Spring 2023 Art workshop!

📍Location: Music, Dance & Art School of Douglaston

44-33 Douglaston Parkway Douglaston NY 11363

📌 Here are the themes of the projects that students will be working on:

1. It’s All in Perspective

2. Object’s Life in 3D.

3. Carnival of Masks

4. Anime in Action.

🔹 In projects 1 and 2 students will study ways of creating objects in most realistic manner, to master specific techniques that make art come alive on the paper or in space.

🔹 The Carnival of Masks project will present a wonderful opportunity for our talented teachers to guide the students through the process of mask- making, combining self- expression, fun and character study.

🔹 In the Anime project students will get acquainted with complex visual language specific to the anime style esthetics, depicting face features and most prominently the exaggeratedly expressive eyes true to the genre.

- - - -

🏫 Groups will be formed by age/ level, ensuring that students will get ample individual attention and guidance.

🎨 All supplies will be included.

🗓 Classes will start from March 20th.

☎ For more info, schedule/pricing please call the office: (718) 551-5041


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