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Fall Art Workshop

We are happy to announce our 2022 "Fall Art Workshop", which is a six-week Art Intensive that focuses on developing drawing and painting skills.

There will be three specific project themes which have been designed by our skilled instructors for the purpose of allowing children to develop the fundamental skills of painting and drawing in different media (charcoal, pencil, acrylic) and various painting and drawing techniques (basic strokes, hatching and cross hatching, linear perspective, outline and blended stroke drawing, color blending, creating a value, different brush strokes)


1. World of Animals 🦁

2. Light & Shadow 🌅

3. Meet the Artist 👨‍🎨

Additional details:

🔶 Dates of classes: Nov 1st - Dec 17th (no classes during Thanksgiving week)

🔶 All materials included

🔶 Small groups placed by levels/ ages (6-up)

🔶 Highly qualified instructors

🔶 Relaxed, fun & friendly atmosphere

☎ For more info, schedule/pricing please call the office: (718) 551-5041


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