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2024 Summer Art Program and Workshop Announced "Creative Summer"

We are happy to announce that The MDASD Summer Art Program “Creative Summer” is back for 2024!

🗓 8-Week workshop. July 1st - August 31st

📍Location: Music, Dance & Art School of Douglaston | 44-33 Douglaston Parkway Douglaston NY 11363

📌 Here are some of the fun projects aimed to teach the skills and techniques of drawing and painting with focus on pencil/charcoal, watercolors and acrylic paint:

1) Summertime: Sun and Water (work on perspective, depict light reflection, create depth)

2) Still Life (focus on shapes/ colors, composition, on creating 3D objects)

3) World On The Move (explore ways to create illusion of motion using shades & lines)

4) My Favorite Animal (learning basics of open air painting)

- - - -

🏫 Groups will be formed by age/ level, ensuring that students will get ample individual attention and guidance.

🎨 All supplies will be included in tuition fee.

☎ For more info, schedule/pricing please call the office: (718) 551-5041


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