Dance Programs

Our classes allow children of all ages and levels to experience the joy of dancing while expanding their physical abilities and acquiring lifelong skills of coordination and graceful movement. Immersion in rhythm and movement helps students to grow in poise, confidence and obtain the muscle strength and knowledge of various dance techniques.

Ages 2-4:

Creative Movement/Pre-Ballet: Children have great time while learning concepts of line, posture, stretch, basic elements of Ballet,  warm-ups, traveling steps

Ages 4-up:

Ballet : Comprehensive Classical Ballet program teaches the traditional technique of Ballet (5 Basic positions, barre, center exercises), enhances coordination , balance and  body control, promotes self-discipline and positive self-image.
Combo Class: Jazz /Hip Hop : students learn syncopated rhythms and body isolations in a combination of classic jazz moves and basic hip-hop steps

Modern: a class that introduces students to the body's relationship to breath, weight and space through simple steps and movement phrases.